Armor Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Angled Base Plate

Armor Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Angled Base Plate

Match Fit Dovetail Clamps (2-Pack)

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Dovetail Track Clamp™ for jigs, fixtures, assembly, material handling and more.

Henry Wang, Founder of MICROJIG, needed a better way to secure a tall table saw fence extension. Traditional clamps either got in the way of the cut or limited the height of the fence. By using a dovetail-shaped clamp head, he was able to clamp anywhere he routed a dovetail groove—along the entire fence without limiting it's height.

Use it around your whole shop.

Over 30+ uses on table saws, router tables, jointers, and band saws.

Dovetail Clamps move through the tracks below the surface, securing material without getting in the way.

  • Stops, hold downs, and auxiliary fences
  • Assembly Tables
  • Table Saw Sleds
  • Router Jigs
  • Mobile Workstation w/ Sawhorses
  • Solid steel bar with the head forged into a 14-degree dovetail profile. Soft rubberized handle for a more comfortable grip.
  • Reversible handle provides horizontal clamping pressure without the need for long clamps.
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