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Square Drive Screw FAQ

Square Drive Screw FAQ


Why Square Drive Screws?

Square Drive Screws offer markedly more resistance to “Cam-Out” (that disaster waiting to happen whereby the screw driver slips out of the screw slot or Phillips recess, and skids merrily across your almost finished masterpiece).


Aren’t they just like Drywall Screws?

Square Drive Screws are designed for use in furniture manufacturing operations and other demanding industries using hardwoods and other “tough” materials. “Drywall” screws are designed to penetrate a layer of powdery drywall and a soft wooden or thin metal stud.


Will they improve my woodworking?

Yes! Besides helping you avoid a scarred up finish, their positive drill will let you apply more torque to the screw, pulling uncooperative joints tight on the first try.


But screw drivers are expensive...

Most screw drivers are very expensive, especially in consideration of what you get — a blade that is not well designed at best, and only “fits” one or two specific screw sizes, or a Phillips bit that quickly becomes useless as the wings wear out. Square recess drivers last longer than most other recess driver types, and only two driver sizes are required in order to fit the most common Square Drive Screw sizes.


Can I use my cordless screw driver or electric drill to drive them?

Yes! In fact you will find that because of their superior resistance to “Cam-Out”, driving Square Drive Screws with a power driver is so easy that you will prefer to use screws wherever possible. A drill equipped with a clutch is the ideal tool to use because it will extend driver bit life. Of course, we carry an extensive selection of Power driver bits.


If they’re so good, why haven’t I heard of them before?

The square drive screw was developed in Canada in 1908 to meet the needs of industry. They have been used extensively in US commercial furniture manufacturing and the mobile home industry since the 1950’s. McFeely’s began making them available to small cabinet shops and recreational woodworkers in the early 1980’s. Since then, woodworkers worldwide know the benefits of Square Drive Screws, and they are now fast becoming the preferred drive type.


So Tell Me One Reason Why They Beat My Regular Screws

We’ll tell you seven! But try them for yourself and we’ll bet that you come up with some of your own!

1. Square Recess provides maximum driving torque — reduces driver bit “cam-out”.

2. Heat-treated steel for dependable strength.

3. Sharp thread angle cuts into wood to minimize cracking or splitting.

4. Optimized thread depth to thread spacing reduces crumbling between threads for better holding.

5. Thread surface is nearly perpendicular to the thread axis for maximum pullout strength.

6. Minimum body diameter reduces driving resistance.

7. Sharp point gets screw started quickly — even without a pilot hole in many materials.


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