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Natural Wood Decking Fasteners

ProMax Screws Prevent Board Jacking

Deck screws are a good example of Optimized Thread Length™. The length of the screws normally used to install 2 x 4s of 2 x 6s for decking are 3" and have 1" of threaded shank. Since 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 deck material is 1-1/2" thick, the threads bridge the joint, as shown, resulting in either an uneven and unsightly surface or screws that are over-driven trying to "pull the board down." ProMax screws are different. Thread length is optimized to eliminate cross threading. Plus, the 1/8"e;L System allows use of the longest possible screw.

Promax Screws prevent board jacking

Head-Coated Trim Screws for Natural Wood

Head-coated trim-head screws for natural wood add a professional finish to stained natural wood decking, house trim boards or stained fascia boards. McFeely’s head-coated screws come in three grades of corrosion protection:

  • Good: Coated Steel
  • Better: Head coated 305 stainless steel
  • Best: Head-coated 316 stainless steel

ProMax Screws

Head-Coated Trim

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