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FastCap 2P-10 Adhesive System
2P-10 is a Two-Part / 10-Second Adhesive System

2P-10 Product Overview



2P-10 can be used on many materials including melamine! -  The surface should be clean, with no oil

2P-10 products are able to be submerged in water!  - The adhesive must be completely bonded and DRY beforehand. All of our adhesives would work fine within a boat setting if applied correctly. You must make sure that both surfaces are dry and clear of debris before application.


PART ONE - The Adhesive - comes in Four Viscosities, Thin, Medium, Thick, and Jel™ plus Rubber-Toughened in Jel™ and Thick viscosities.
PART TWO - The Activator - comes in a spray or bottle and sets and hardens the adhesive.

Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together for a strong, permanent bond. 2P-10 can be used on many materials as long as they are clean and the surface is well prepared. The surface should be clean, with no oil. If the surface is slightly etched, the glue will bite more effectively. While it should not be used in lieu of a weld (on metal), 2P-10 is very effective for tacking, to hold a piece in place for welding.

Which Viscosity Should I Use?

  • Thin - designed for wicking into hairline cracks
  • Medium - designed for wicking into 1/8 inch cracks
  • Thick - excellent gap filling capacity, great for binding joints, ideal for filling holes
  • Jel™ - excellent for filling large gaps, great for trim carpentry, will not run
  • Rubber-Toughened Thick - provides elasticity to joints and is 10% stronger than standard 2P-10 Thick
  • Rubber-Toughened Jel™- provides elasticity to joints and is 10% stronger than standard 2P-10 Jel™

Related Products as part of the gluing system:

  • 2P-10 Colorant - when filling in large holes or cracks, colorant can be used to match surrounding color.
  • 2P-10 Debonder - help remove drips of cured adhesive from most surfaces