How can McFeely’s help you today in your workshop today?

We have a commercial salesperson ready to answer questions about pricing, delivery and placing orders. You can order on-line, call us, or email your requests. We commonly ship the same day because we stock 98% of what we sell. The normal lead time is just 2–3 weeks because we are forecasting and planning. We can help with a simple managed inventory system with forecasting your needs as we are able to stay in front of problems. We even have drawer slides in stock, but like everyone else these have been hard to keep. Just because you do not see it in stock on-line does not mean we do have it here or ready to drop ship. We are accepting applications for net 30 terms.

We cannot predict the future but here are some of the things we have seen. Cost of materials has stabilized over the last few months so price increases leveled off. The supply chain problems has eased off a lot, but not in all cases. We are still seeing issues today that we are not used to, caused by War, the Pandemic, and an aging work force. We want to see stronger, better, faster, cheaper but in most cases that is going to be up to us to create the solution.

We are used to Change happening slowly. Since the above mentioned, situations, we have had to adapt to change much more quickly than we like. We have seen improvements for years and when it happens faster than you are ready for, it can cause growing pains. Then imagine handling all of those things that could go wrong without the help you need. We at McFeely’s feel that we can help when those growing pains arise with good service, great products, and quick delivery.

How can McFeely’s help you today in your workshop today