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Half Overlay Hinge Drilling Distances and Plate OptionsTiomos® Half Overlay Hinge Drilling Distances and Plate Options

Half overlay hinges are intended for pairs of doors in the middle of a run of cabinets, where two doors have their hinges mounted on opposite sides of a shared middle partition.

The cup overlay (factory setting) plus drilling distance determine the door overlay.

5.5mm cup overlay consant


  • One hinge type for all door thicknesses 14 – 24mm
  • For face frame or frameless cabinets
  • Adjustable Soft–close mechanism integrated and concealed in the hinge arm
  • Continuous, smooth closing action from the degree that the Soft–close is activated until the door is completely closed
  • Uniform closing action regardless of the door size, weight, or materials
  • Soft–close mechanism can be adjusted easily and without tools, even after doors are installed
  • 3–dimensional adjustment with suitable base plate
    • Depth adjustment +3/–2mm via self–locking worm screw
    • Height adjustment +/–2mm on base plate via hinge arm
    • Wide adjustment with overturn stop +/–2 via hinge arm
  • 45mm boring pattern
  • Increased applications:
    • Full overlay from 24 – 13.5mm
    • Overlay from 19 – 11.5mm
    • Half Overlay from 12.5 – 5mm
    • Inset

Hinge Options

GA-110H-SELF - Tiomos® 110 Degree Half Overlay Self-Close Hinge

GA-110H-SOFT - Tiomos® 110 Degree Half Overlay Soft-Close Hinge

Hinge Plate Code

FFP = Face Frame Plate
FLP = Frameless Plate

GA-FFP-34 = Face Frame Adapter Base Plate, 2 Point Fixing Height 1.5
GA-FLP-FH = Wing Base Plate, 4 Point Fixing Height 3.5
GA-FFP-12 = Face Frame Adapter Base Plate, 2 Point Fixing Height 4.5
GA-FLP-I = Wing Base Plate, 2 Point Fixing 37/32 Height 9.5

MMInchDrilling Distance (DD) MMHalf Overlay/Inset
  33.544.555.566.57 Half Overlay Hinge Drilling Distances and Plate Options 
117/16"                 GA-FFP-34
10.5                GA-FFP-34  
10              GA-FFP-34    
9.53/8"           GA-FFP-34      
9          GA-FFP-34       GA-FLP-FH
8.5        GA-FFP-34       GA-FLP-FH  
85/16"     GA-FFP-34       GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12
7.5    GA-FFP-34       GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12  
7  GA-FFP-34       GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12    
6.5        GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12      
61/4"     GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12        
5.5    GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12          
5  GA-FLP-FH   GA-FFP-12           GA-FLP-I
4.53/16"   GA-FFP-12           GA-FLP-I  
4  GA-FFP-12           GA-FLP-I    
3.5            GA-FLP-I      
31/8"         GA-FLP-I        
2.5        GA-FLP-I          
2      GA-FLP-I            
1.51/16"   GA-FLP-I              
1  GA-FLP-I                
-1                    BPH = Base Palte Height
     CC = Cup Center
     DD = Drilling Distance
     DT = Door Thickness
     R = Reveal
    Base Plate Height