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Tiomos 110 HingeTiomos 160 Degree Hinge



Tiomos®, an elegant hinge system today that meets the technical and functional requirements of tomorrow.



Grass® developers set out to create a product innovation – a completely new hinge system. The result is Tiomos. Not only does Tiomos out perform any other hinge in the industry, it offers a timeless design as well as its own individual character.

Tiomos is a completely new hinge concept. The product range covers virtually every application, from standard doors to wide angle doors, from frameless applications to face frame applications. The Tiomos offers two closing actions: the standard Self-close and the popular Soft-close. The Soft-close offers a three tier adjustable mechanism, which is fully integrated and concealed in the hinge arm. The closing process is extremely smooth from the degree that the Soft-close is activated until the door is completely shut. With the superb engineering and design, size and weight of the door will not be a factor. The cabinet doors pull open with ease and minimal gaps can be achieved with the new design of the hinge.

Tiomos - the ideal solution to the ever increasing requirements of today’s manufacturers.

Please click on our links below for Tiomos® Hinge information and see how to choose the right hinges for your application. We also have pages for each of the applications so you know the drilling and mounting for your hinges based on the application and hinge plate.

Tiomos® Hinge Application

110° Tiomos Full Overlay Hinge Drilling Chart

110° Tiomos Overlay Hinge Drilling Chart

110° Tiomos Half Overlay Hinge Drilling Chart

110° Tiomos Inset Hinge Drilling Chart