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3-D Square Precision Aluminum Clamping Corner - GID 1 9GU26 - Qty: 1

3-D Square Precision Aluminum Clamping Corner - GID 1 9GU26 - Qty: 1

Almost Like Having a Third Hand

I used to think that some things were so easy to glue-up, that using these nifty clamps wasn’t worth the effort. After using them a few more times, I can’t imagine making a glue-up without them! So often it seems that there is no real good way to hold the clamp, and two pieces to be joined at one time unless you have an extra hand. Now you cannot only clamp everything up using the standard allotment of hands, you can be sure everything is nice and square as well! !

These heavy-duty aluminum plate squares measure 6" x 1-1/4" x 3/16" thick, and are less likely to bend or deflect than plastic units. After forming the angle, the squares are precision milled on the clamping face to make sure that they are right on the money. Six mounting holes are provided on each square to facilitate construction of permanent jigs or fixtures. The unique “L” shaped cross section provides for clamping in two planes, providing more clamping options for glue-ups or dry-fitting. They’re ideal for cabinet, box, or drawer assembly, and may quite possibly revolutionize your woodworking. Made in USA.

Note: JSS-0001 is only one corner. For a package of four, take a look at JSS-0004.

SKU #: JSS-0001



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