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Odie's Basic Understanding


If you understand the principle behind the Odie’s Oil products, you will understand how to use any product in the Odie’s Oil Finish Product Line successfully.

Wood is made of a system of straws-like wood fiber or cellulose. The main purpose of this system is to move water and lignums (oils) throughout the living tree.


  • When the tree dies and the wood is dried, the wood fiber is now almost absent of the water and lignums that were once present.
  • The wood is now like a dried out sponge. It is ready to absorb whatever moisture it comes in contact with, and this can be very problematic.
  • As the ambient environment and moisture levels change, the wood will absorb or lose moisture and this will cause it to move substantially. This is what causes warping, cracking, and joint failure.


  • By re-introducing the wood with actual lignum oils and waxes natural to plants and at home in wood, the wood is stabilized. Warping, cracking and joint failure are virtually eliminated.
  • Odie’s products are designed to saturate, move through and bond with the wood fiber, creating a barrier against the elements like nature intended.
  • Odie’s products are made with only the most superior natural oils and waxes to condition the wood, ensuring its longevity in the most natural way (like nature intended) and at the same time leaving a naturally esthetically pleasing finish that cannot be matched.
  • Odie's products can be used to create a finish to any desired level of luster.
  • Odie's products do not use any solvents or toxic chemicals.
  • Odie's products are food safe, perfect for finishing bowls, and cutting boards.