Apollo Falcon Spray FS3 HVLP w/E5011 Gun

Apollo Falcon Spray FS3 HVLP w/E5011 Gun

Apollo PRECISION-5 PRO LE - 5-stage turbine with A7700GT spray gun

Apollo PRECISION-5 PROLE Plus- 5-stage turbine with A7700GT spray gun

Apollo PRECISION-5 PRO LE Plus - 5-stage turbine with A7700QT spray gun

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The enhanced power and exclusive features of the PRECISION-5 PRO Limited Edition (LE) PLUS put you in control of the most advanced TrueHVLP™ system

For industries and applications demanding precision HVLP technology for the perfect finish. With the included $590 Genuine Apollo Accessory bundle, the PRECISION-5 PRO LE PLUS can be used for the widest range of coatings, solvent or water base, clear or pigmented as well as specialized materials: faux paints, gelcoat, latex (emulsion) and multi-spec.

Advanced Features

Pressure Control System (PCS™) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure anywhere.

Unparalleled Power & Efficiency
Delivers 10.0 PSI sealed pressure for optimum atomization. Documented 80+% transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings when compared with compressed air systems.

LCD Message Center

Hour Meter, Accurate Pressure to 1/10th PSI, Idling, Filter and Temperature Warning.

Provide a 45 second auto-idle mode to preserve motor life and long-term reliability while permitting the highest available flow pressure. (U.S. Patent 9,599,117 B2).

Dual automotive paper filters provide advanced air filtration to keep the system running cooler and prolong motor life.

32 ft (9.75 meter) Apollo-Flex™ Air Hose
Quick lightweight alloy couplers on both ends and our exclusive Ultra-Flex™ whip hose at the spray gun end.

Handi-Hold™ Spray Gun Docking Station
Store, hold or transport your spray gun, or other accessories, safely.

Included Accessories A $590 Value

Deluxe Spray Gun Case, Wrench (Spanner), Gun Lube, (4) Needle/Nozzle Sets, (2) Air Caps, Deluxe Cleaning Kit, Viscosity Cup & Blow Off Tool.


The Apollo 7700T Series HVLP Spray Gun &qoute;The One Gun That Does It All&qoute;

Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. celebrate a giant leap forward in TrueHVLP technology with the Apollo 7700T, The AtomiZer®. This unique spray gun delivers enhanced True HVLP performance and flawless results with any make turbine or air compressor, 3HP/20 gallon (75 litre) tank or larger. Seeing is believing with this breakthrough technology:

All 7700T SERIES Spray Guns Include:

  • Dual Air and Material inputs
  • Material Adjustment Knob with ± indicators
  • durable, lightweight and balanced gun body design in plated matte bronze is precision manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • and improved air distributor
  • 3-turn Air Cap design make changing a complete range of nozzle and needle sizes quick and easy
    • 5 STANDARD CAPS: Black CC (0.5mm), Green A (0.8mm), Gold B (1.0-1.5mm), Blue C (1.8-2.0mm), Silver D (2.5mm)
    • 3 HIGH SOLIDS CAPS: Gold B-HS (0.8mm), Blue C-HS (1.8-2.0mm), Silver D-HS (2.5mm)
  • Precision fan control through the Xpansive™ Fan Control Ring
  • New technology for atomizing particlesMicroTech™ Atomization Technology
  • Durability and reliability ensured with all wetted internal parts expertly engineered from marine-grade
More Information

Apollo PRECISION-5 HVLP Turbospray System Features:

  • 5 Stage
  • 10.0 PSI (.075 bar) Sealed*
  • 130 CFM (3.68 cmm)
  • Dual Air Filtration
  • HVLP Only – Single Spray Gun
  • 110VAC – 60HZ or 240VAC – 50Hz
  • 31 lbs/14.1 Kg
  • 15″ X 8.5″ X 12″ (38.1cm X 21.6cm X 30.48cm)
  • All 110 volt units are tested and certified by Intertek

The Apollo 7700QT AtomiZer® Features:

  • Matte-Bronze Gun Body
  • 1 Quart cup assembly
  • Stainless steel material filter
  • Carrying case
  • Spare parts kit
  • Wrench (Spanner)

Weight: 32.4oz (0.92kg)