Work Sharp 3000 - QTY:1 - 3JDN6

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Work Sharp 3000 - QTY:1 - 3JDN6
SKU: 152975
Work Sharp 3000 - QTY:1 - 3JDN6
Work Sharp 3000 - QTY:1 - 3JDN6 is available for purchase in increments of 1


Has the time-consuming sharpening process using traditional oil-stones left you with tools that aren't as sharp as you would like? Do you cringe when a chisel edge is nicked or delay resharpening tools because you can't stand the process? Now, there is a fast and efficient way that makes sharpening so satisfying, you may take off all of the hair from your arms "testing" your new edges!

The Work Sharp ™ 3000 was developed with you in mind. It uses pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed abrasives on a dead-flat 6" x 0.400" thick wheel of tempered float-glass. Unlike high speed grinders that can over-heat a tool and ruin the temper, the Work Sharp ™ 3000 turns at just 580rpm, and its built-in sharpening ports cool the edge. That sharpening port accomodates plane irons up to 2 inches wide and provides 4 preset sharpening angles (20, 25, 30 and 35 degrees).

Many systems can sharpen planes and chisel, but few can put an edge on carving and/or lathe tools. Working from beneath a slotted, see-through wheel allows you to hone and define these tools while watching the action. An optional leather strop allows for final honing.

The Work Sharp ™ 3000 includes 2 glass wheels, 1 slotted, see-through wheel and a 1 top tool rest for extra-wide blades. The Work Sharp ™ 3000 also comes with a starter assortment of 11 PSA abrasives (120 to 3600 grit). Made in USA and China
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Additional Information

PRODUCT GROUP Tool Sharpening & Maintenance
CATEGORY Sharpening Machines, Worksharp 3000 System
SUB-CATEGORY Powered Sharpening Machine
SKU 152975