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Tormek Ultimate Kit

Tormek Ultimate Kit Qty:1 7CZ95

The Tormek T-7 Ultimate Kit includes the Industrial Sharpening System (TOR-T7), a Woodturner's Kit (TOR-TNT708), a Hand Tool Kit (TOR-HTK705), and a Planer Blade Attachment (TOR-SVH320).

The TOR-T7 has a strong 1/8" (3mm steel) housing and a stainless steel main shaft, making it ideal for prolonged industrial use. The TOR-T7 motor is designed for the toughest work and can run continuously; it is water-cooled and neither the stone nor the tools will overheat. The TOR-T7 should be used when sharpening planer blades in the TOR-SVH320 attachment and molding knives in the TOR-SVP80 attachment. The TOR-T7 is also the most suitable for HSS turning tools and other hard materials since its bigger motor can handle a higher grinding pressure. The TOR-T7 features the E-Z Lock reverse thread (self-tightening) lock bolt for quick grinding wheel changes.

The Woodturner's Kit includes: Gouge Jig (TOR-SVD185); Multi Jig (TOR-SVS50); Turning Tool Setter (TOR-TTS100); Tool Rest (TOR-SVD110); Leather Honing Wheel (TOR-LA120); Machine Cover (TOR-MH380); and a Wood Turner's Instruction Book (TOR-TNT300).

The Hand Tool Kit includes: Knife Jig (TOR-SVM45); Long Knife Jig (TOR-SVM140); Scissor Jig (TOR-SVX150); Short Tool Jig (TOR-SVS32); and an Axe Jig (TOR-SVA170).

PRODUCT GROUP Tool Sharpening & Maintenance
CATEGORY Sharpening Machines
SUB-CATEGORY Powered Sharpening Machine

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