Starrett 7 in ProユSite Miter Protractor - QTY:1 - 2ZUY6

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Starrett 7 in ProユSite Miter Protractor - QTY:1 - 2ZUY6
SKU: MS-5007
Starrett 7 in ProユSite Miter Protractor - QTY:1 - 2ZUY6


Cut Perfect Miters Without Math!

Starrett's Pro

  • Site™ miter saw protractors make cutting nice tight, professional quality miters almost too easy. After all, one of the hallmarks of craftsmanship is now within reach of almost every woodworker! The new 7" Pro
  • Site™ protractor features a 2" diameter scale with two indicator arrows - one to indicate the miter saw angle when joining two boards, and one to indicate the miter angle when fitting one board to an existing angle. Made of 1/4" thick aluminum, Starretts new 7" model has 3/4" wide legs, making it perfect for use in tighter quarters. The legs are joined by a pivot pin that allows easy movement, but holds the legs in the desired position without the need for a knob or tightening screw. Starrett's Pro
  • Site™ is ideal for use in most construction cabinetry, and furniture making situations requiring reasonable accuracy. However, the Pro
  • Site's silk screened scale is not as precise as the scale on a Starrett machine engraved machinist's protractor - nor is the Pro
  • Site™ as expensive! Made in USA.

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    Additional Information

    PRODUCT GROUP Measuring & Marking
    CATEGORY Gauges and Tool Truing, Precision Instruments, Squares, Protractors, Angle Transfer
    SUB-CATEGORY Angle & Contour Transfer, Protractors
    BRAND NAME Starrett
    LENGTH 7"
    SKU MS-5007