Screws & Fasteners

Screws & Fasteners


It's right here, built into the search features of our On-Line Store.

In the past, McFeely's designed "Select-A-Screw" to help customers wade through the myriad of available screws and fasteners.The old "Select-A-Scew" helped, but it could be frustrating at times. In the old system, customers would make all their selections up front and then click the search button. Too often, the old Select-A-Screw would return the dreaded  message: "No Matching Screws Found. Please broaden your search criteria."  Customers would have to try various combinations until they found their screw or fastener.

There is a better way!

Fast, simple searching. You'll find your screw or fastener in just a few clicks.

The McFeely's On-line Store works with you to quickly narrow your search. With each selection, the list of remaining selections is automatically narrowed down to show only valid choices.

As you get used to our new on-line store, please call Customer Service if you need assistance. We are here to help.


Where can I find Driver Bits?

McFeely's has a full line of driver bits.  From the Home Page, Click on:  Tools and Hardware / Power Tool Supplies / Driver Bits.

Or, to go directly to our line of driver bits, CLICK HERE


About Our Screw and Fastener Selection:

McFeely's selection of screws and fasteners have been engineered to out-perform most common brands. Because of the advances in metalurgy, manufacturing methods, and meticulous study of  wood and metal properties, our screws and fastners are designed to provide:

  • Greater pull-out strength
  • Less cam-out (head stripping)
  • Less breakage in high-torque applications
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Reduced need to drill pilot holes
  • Less splitting, even when close to the edge.

Note: Different screws and fasteners have these properties in varying degrees. If you have any questions, we are ready to assist.