Router Bit,Cut Dia 1 7/8 & 3.5,Shank 1/4 - QTY:1 - 3WFR1 DISCONTINUED

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Router Bit,Cut Dia 1 7/8 & 3.5,Shank 1/4 - QTY:1 - 3WFR1 DISCONTINUED
SKU: FS99-300
Router Bit,Cut Dia 1 7/8 & 3.5,Shank 1/4 - QTY:1 - 3WFR1
Router Bit,Cut Dia 1 7/8 & 3.5,Shank 1/4 - QTY:1 - 3WFR1 DISCONTINUED is available for purchase in increments of 1


Save Money Making Your Own Custom Doors!
Anyone that has built or remodeled a house, or replaced a solid wood door, knows how expensive high quality raised panel doors can be - especially if they are made of cabinet-grade hardwoods like Oak, Cherry, or Mahogany. Now you don't need a heavy-duty shaper to cut beautiful raised panels, or to cut the Rail and Stile joints of the door frame. Freud's 3 piece Interior and Exterior Door Router Bit Set is designed for use with table mounted routers capable of accepting 1/2” shank router bits (heavy-duty 2-1/2 to 3-1/2hp routers are recommended).

Unlike most door cutting router bits that form a 1/2” long stub tenon and are more suitable for use building cabinet doors, Freud Door System bits can mill a standard 2-1/2” long (or longer) stub tenon, which greatly increases the strength and durability of the door frame. After milling the end grain on the rails, and without altering the bit height, the top bearing and cutter are removed from the specially designed Rail cutting bit. The remaining, “flat-top” Rail profile bit (shown to the left) is then used to deepen the profile until the desired tenon length is created. Of course, mating mortises are required in the door Stiles - these are commonly formed using dedicated mortising machines, mortising attachments for a drill press, plunge cutting routers, or by hand with chisels.

Interior and Exterior Door Freud router bits can be used with almost any desired raised panel design. The rail and stile bits create a 3/8” (for interior doors) to 5/8” (for exterior doors)thick groove for the double-sided door panels. Some makers use two thin, back-to-back panels in doors, which helps eliminate the affects of seasonal moisture changes due to the climate differences experienced by the inner and outer faces of exterior door panels.

Freud's Interior and Exterior Door Router Bits can make doors 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” thick by simply changing the number of shims used. It is available as a set of three bits including the RS99-267 Rail & Stile bits shown, along with either the PR99-515 Bevel or the PR99-518 Cove Raised Panel Bit, or as a two piece set which includes a matched pair of Interior / Exterior door Rail and Stile router bits. Comprehensive instructional materials included with the sets include a DVD video and a handy wall chart. Freud router bits are made in Italy.

Note: If you want the set with the PR99-515, order FS99-300. If you want the set with the PR99-518, order FS99-302.

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Additional Information

PRODUCT GROUP Bits, Blades & Abrasives
CATEGORY Router Bits
CUT WIDTH Assorted
CARBIDE HEIGHT (Cut Length) Assorted
SKU FS99-300