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Arcus™ Circular Saw Blade & Guide System - GID 1 9FK53

Arcus™ Circular Saw Blade & Guide System - GID 1 9FK53

Cut Circles with Your Circular Saw! Great for Boatbuilders, Framers, & Deck Builders
Put away your jig saw; now cut perfect circles, arcs, and arches with an ordinary 7-1/4” circular saw! The unique ARCUS blade (patent pending) is slightly “dished” so that it naturally cuts in a circle (like the movement of a spun coin as it wobbles on edge before falling).

The Arcus blade and guide make it easy to cut doorway arches, big disks, and even hoops, in sizes from 30” to 54” (and it won’t take much ingenuity to extend the Arcus Circle Guide to almost any size you need!) Freehand curves with at least a 30 inch radius are also easy - just follow the pencil line! Best of all, unlike other methods, the Arcus cuts fast, and leaves a nice smooth edge. The anti-stick coated Arcus blade is 7-1/4” diameter, with 24 carbide tips, and a 5/8” arbor hole. The .054” plate generates a .110 (3/16”) kerf as a result of the plate thickness and its unique “dished” design. This allows it to cut arcs and circles without binding or overheating. It is recommended for plywood, pressure-treated lumber, acrylics, and fiber-glass. The concave design of the Arcus blade requires more clearance in the blade guard than most blades; make sure it spins freely before use. The Arcus saw guide attaches to most standard portable circular saws using a simple clamp system. It does not require drilling of the saw shoe, or permanent modification, and detaches quickly when not in use. Arcus blades and guides are made in the USA.

SKU #: ACS-2025



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