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Festool 48 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade - GID 1 3UFN9

Festool 48 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade - GID 1 3UFN9

Fine tooth blade for clean cross cuts. Use with AT 65 E plunge-cut saws.

Part # Diameter Teeth Bore Grind Plate Code
486296 190mm 16 30mm ATB 2.8 1
486298 190mm 14 30mm ATB 2.8 2
486297 190mm 48 30mm ATB 2.8 3
490517 190mm 32 30mm ATB 2.8 4
486299 190mm 68 30mm TC 2.8 5
489458 190mm 54 30mm TC 2.6mm 6
(Code 1) Standard saw blade for all wood materials, building panels and soft plastics.
(Code 2) Panther saw blade for fast cutting with less force, particularly ripping.
(Code 3) Fine tooth saw blade for clean cross cuts.
(Code 4) Universal saw blade for all wooden materials, all construction panels, soft plastics.
(Code 5) Saw blade for aluminum panels and section, hard and fiber reinforced plastics.
(Code 6) Special saw blade for laminated floors and polymer materials.
(ATB) Offset tooth saw blade alternating top bevel. Teeth cut alternately to the left and right.
(TC) Trapezoidal flat tooth saw blade triple chip. With trapezoidal teeth, the edges of the
teeth are beveled on both sides. The combination of two different saw teeth cut alternately.
SKU #: 486297



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