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Full-Size Easy Hollower #3 - QTY:1 - 29XJ64

Full-Size Easy Hollower #3 - QTY:1 - 29XJ64

Easy Wood Tools™ Woodturning Tools Wood turning has never been this easy Want to make pens, goblets, wine stoppers, spindle legs and small bowls? Easy Wood Tools has taken the guesswork out of getting started in your woodturning venture. An in-nexpensive “starter set” is great for the novice. The Easy starter tools have shorter/smaller handles for better control and are black-oxide coated instead of having stainless steel shafts. Start small; as you progress to larger work-pieces and deeper bowls, expand your arsenal of tools - longer handles and deeper curves. The technique is easy, just hold the tool flat and level and advance the tool into the wood, using the shaped carbide to produce the intended curve, bead or cove. No matter which set you’re using, the carbide cutters are the same, so you’ll be able to get the same results (with practice). The Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters last a really long time due to their perfected 3Gs (Grade, Grind, and Geometry). Make sure to rotate them around so you use them ALL up. When they finally get dull, don’t spend hours resharpening - just replace them. They come in several shapes and sizes of round, square, square with radius edges and a pointed diamond version. Turning Tools Come in five lengths: easy start, mini, mid size, full size and pro. Rougher - The square carbide cutter is perfect for removing bulk material. With an available R2 cutter installed, they can also smooth the outside curve of any project. Finisher - The round carbide cutter is designed for shaping cuts on the inside curves of bowls and spindles. Detailer - Use this diamond-shaped carbide cutter to create final details, such as coves and beads on spindles and bowls. Hollowing Tools Come in three lengths: mid size, full size and pro. Hollower #1 - Use this straight bar to remove material from the center of a vessel. It can safely reach 4-1/2" past the tool rest on the lathe. Hollower #2 - A tool built with a slight curve for hollowing out the beginning of the curved portion of a vessel (bowl). Hollower #3 - A tool built with a much greater curve for hollowing out the deeper portion of the vessel and hollowing the curve up to the lip of the opening.

SKU #: EW-6305



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