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SuperCut w/ Interior Kit - QTY:1 - 9XGU3

FPT-9001 Specifications
  • Power Input 400W
  • Cord 16 ft.
  • Weight 2.7 lb.
  • Oscillations 11,000 to 18,000
  • Standard Equipment includes:
  • (1) SuperCut Basic Tool
  • (1) Carrying Case
  • (1) HSS Blade (FPT-5301)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-3018)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-4016)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-5022)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-6012)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-9019)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-1200)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-1013)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-2014)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-7015)
  • (1) E-Cut Blade (FPT-8013)
  • (1) Depth Stop (FPT-2022)
  • (1) Adapter (FPT-4019)
  • (1) Sanding Pad (158259)
  • (1) 5-pack sand paper 80 grit (158264)
  • (1) 5-pack sand paper 120 grit (158266)
  • (1) 5-pack sand paper 180 grit (158268)
  • SuperCut w/ Interior Kit - QTY:1 - 9XGU3

    Think of the Fein SuperCut as the MultiMaster on steroids! It’s hard to believe that someone could think the MultiMaster isn’t strong enough, but for really tough jobs like cutting metals, you`ll notice a real difference. On the surface, the SuperCut is similar to its smaller `cousin` as it oscillates instead of rotating, has variable speed and now has the QuickIn blade attachment – just like the MultiMaster! Just under the surface, however, is where the differences really come into play. The SuperCut has about 2X the power as the MultiMaster at basically the same weight. Made in Germany:

    SKU #: FPT-9001




    Item back ordered.
    Call for availability.

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