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8 x 2-7/8 ProMax Wood Deck Screws, NoCoRode PLUS, Flat Head, Square Drive - QTY:1000 - 9E986

8 x 2-7/8 ProMax Wood Deck Screws, NoCoRode PLUS, Flat Head, Square Drive - QTY:1000 - 9E986

ProMax® NoCoRode “Plus” Plated Screws Optimized Thread Length and Corrosion-Resistance!

Use these on your next project and you’ll wonder why screws haven’t been designed like this all along. McFeely’s ProMax® screws are designed with a thread length for the common usage of the screw. For example: A 2-3/8” screw used to install 5/4” decking needs slightly more than 1” of smooth shank, while a 2-7/8” screw used to install 1-1/2” thick 2x stock needs more. These ProMax® screws have self-drilling auger points, self -countersinking nibs, and our special NoCoRode “Plus” corrosion-resistant plating. Use NoCoRode Undersized driver bits for best results. They are specially designed with an undersized tip that fits the recess of NoCoRode Plus plated screws perfectly. Made in Taiwan or China. Unthreaded Length 1-9/16"

ProMax™ Optimized Thread Length™: What It Means and Why You’ll Like It!
Deck screws are a good example of Optimized Thread Length. The screws normally used to install 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s for decking are 3 inches long and have 1 inch of unthreaded shank. Since 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 deck material is 1-1/2 inches thick, the threads bridge the joint, as shown, resulting in an uneven and unsightly surface, or screws that are over-driven trying to “pull the board down.”
ProMax™ screws are different: Thread length is optimized to eliminate crossthreading, and the 1/8” length system allows use of the longest possible screw. In most cases, the smooth shank and self-drilling point allow installation without predrilling! Just select a screw that provides an unthreaded shank length equal to or slightly greater than the material thickness being fastened.

SKU #: 0827-FPT-M



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