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8 x 2-1/4 ProMaster Wood Screws, Unplated Steel, Flat Head, Combo Drive - QTY:3000 - 3VHN2

8 x 2-1/4 ProMaster Wood Screws, Unplated Steel, Flat Head, Combo Drive - QTY:3000 - 3VHN2

ProMaster™ Saw Tooth Screws - Finally, Screws that Actually CUT their Own Pilot Hole!
Take a look at the most revolutionary thing to happen to screw threads in a very long time! You don’t need to look too closely to see that threads near the tip have saw toothed scallops in them. These scallops help the thread actually cut its way into the wood, and help prevent splitting. In fact, recent testing of various lengths driven into a maple block revealed no splitting, unlike both the standard point and Auger Point screws driven into the same block. Even better, manufacturer’s tests show that holding power is increased as well! Should you still drill a pilot hole? For fine cabinetry, I would. After all, the screw is still acting like a wedge to force the wood fibers apart. Drilling a pilot hole removes the excess material, so the screw’s sole function is clamping. #2 Combo Recess. Made in China under US patents.

SKU #: 0822-FAL-KM



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