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Shop for Screws!
Since we offer so many types of screws, we realize that finding just
the right one for your application may be a daunting task. This
“Select-A-Screw” web page is just one improvement that we hope will
assist you in the search for the right screw for your application. Let us
know how you like it and what we can do to make it even better.
Select your preferred method
below. You can shop by:
Search for more screws by SPECS, or:
  1. Flat Head: (with an 82° taper on the under-side) is used when the end must be flush with the surface. This is the most commonly used head style.
  2. Pan Head: has an oval top shape with a flat underside. Head sits "proud" of the surface while the flat underside provides strength.
  3. Trim Head: is usually a smaller variation of a Flat Head and is used when the head is to be concealed, such as trim around a door frame.
  4. Round Washer Head: contains an integrated washer beneath a Pan (oval) head to keep the head of the screw from sinking into soft materials. Sits "proud" of the surface.
  5. Super Round Washer Head: is an oversized Round Washer Head and is used for installation where strength is important. The washer head allows for minor adjustments for wood movement.
  1. Unplated: Hardened steel with a dry lubrication on the screw for minimal rust prevention during shipment
  2. Solid Brass: is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is generally soft and when formed into screws used primarily for decorative fastening. Pre-drill pilot holes for best driving of these screws.
  3. Bright Brass: is a decorative plating on our hardened steel screws that mimics the color of most cabinet hardware but has little corrosion resistance. It is slightly better than unplated in preventing stains in acidic wood such as Red Oak.
  4. Silicon Bronze: is an alloy of copper and tin and is harder and more brittle than brass. It was the metal of choice for marine applications prior to Stainless Steel for its corrosion resistance.
  5. Statuary Bronze: is a decorative plating on hardened steel screws that mimics a dark bronze with copper highlights but has little corrosion resistance.
  6. Stainless Steel: is alloy steel containing various percentages of chromium to prevent rust. Most common grades of Stainless are: 18-8, 304, 305, 410 and 316. Use 316 for best Oceanside corrosion resistance.
  7. Black Oxide: is a decorative plating on hardened steel screws that gives a black finish for a "high-tech" look but has little corrosion resistance.
  8. Clear Zinc: is a decorative plating on hardened steel screws that gives moderate corrosion resistance (10% red rust at 50 hours of salt spray) when used on indoor applications that will be countersunk and plugged.
  9. Yellow Zinc: is a decorative plating on hardened steel screws that gives the appearance of bright brass because of a second colored plating and offers modest corrosion resistance (10% red rust at 100 hours of salt spray) due to the second layer of plating.
  10. NoCoRode, HCR and Blue-Kote: are proprietary coatings for various manufacturers to increase the corrosion resistance of their steel screws. They offer moderate corrosion resistance but should not be used in Oceanside and ACQ wood environments unless specified by the manufacturer.
  1. Square Drive: Provides positive bit engagement for greatly reduced cam-out, resulting in longer bit life and more torque for driving screws. #2 fits 80% of your screw driving needs.
  2. Combo Drive: Provides the positive bit engagement of a Square Drive screw while still able to be driven with a Phillips Head screwdriver or a Combo screwdriver.
  3. Phillips Drive: Bit cam-out is more likely with the Phillips head which is better suited to driving drywall screws where cam-out is an advantage for the speed of hanging drywall.
  4. Slotted Drive: Driver Bit easily slips out of the blade slot. Less torque can be applied before the slot is deformed.
  5. Torx® or Star Drive: Provide positive bit engagement similar to a Square Drive. It requires more driver bit sizes to be purchased for an exact fit with the screw size.
  6. Hex (Internal) Drive: Requires the use of an "Allen Head" driver bit. Slightly less positive bit engagement than the Square Drive. It requires more driver bit sizes to be purchased for an exact fit with the screw size.
  7. Pozi-Drive: Similar to the Phillips head but has more "wings" to improve on the cam-out problem.
closeSize / Threads
  1. Deep Threads: characterized by a reduced diameter resulting in a "deep" profile. Provides superior protection against pull-out. Usually single pitch (one revolution per pitch; pitch = the number of revolutions per inch).
  2. Wood Screw Threads: Single lead, extra thick thread, used primarily on solid brass and silicon bronze screws for soft materials. Shank is uniform in thickness the entire length of the screw.
  3. Tapered Threads: Threads are deeper at the driving end of the screw, making them appear to be tapered. Use tapered drill bit for best thread engagement to the wood . Available in Brass and Bronze only.
  4. Double Lead Threads: Two threads wrapped around the shank so that one revolution advances the screw two pitch lengths. Speeds up the driving of long screws (#8-#10 screws 4" and longer and drywall screws where speed is more important than pull out strength).
  5. Self-Tapping Threads: Usually single lead, fine pitch (many threads per inch) for driving through sheet metal. Usually the entire length of the screw is threaded and the point assists in "punching" through the metal.
  6. Machine Threads: Usually single lead, fine pitch (many threads per inch) with a flat tip which is threaded through an existing hole in metal and accepts a nut on the reverse side to "fasten" two materials together.
  • The overall distance between the top of the head and the tip of the screw.
  • A way to sort by the Manufacturer's name or Brand Name of the screws offered by McFeely's.
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  • The various ways to sift through McFeely's vast product offering of screws.
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