FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door - QTY:1 - 15X248

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FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door - QTY:1 - 15X248
SKU: FSC-3035
FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door - QTY:1 - 15X248
FastCap Magnetic Dust Barrier Door - QTY:1 - 15X248 is available for purchase in increments of 1


All of the FastCap “Hand” products operate like a caulking gun - squeeze the hand grip and extend the length. A quick release ratchet rapidly advances the durable 1/2" steel rod to its usable length. The 3rd Hand from expands from 57" to 12 ft. The 3rd Hand has ball detents at 12" for rough length adjustments prior to engaging the ratchet handle. Each one can support up to 150 lb. When you need something lifted and there is only you, these lift assists can come in mighty handy. Use the 3rd Hand for holding crown molding, upper cabinet support during installation, Laser Mounting or to create a dust barrier. The 3rd Hand can also be purchased in a 4 pack (FSC-3050)with a soft-sided carrying bag for RRP projects requiring hazardous lead dust containment. Plastic sheeting for creating the dust barrier can purchased (APC-001 12 ft. x 100 ft. roll or APC-002 20 ft. x 100 ft. roll). The Door Magnets (FSC-3044 sold in packs of 4) are neodymium magnets held in a curved plastic shell which grip the metal pole tightly and are re-usable. They work on thick or thin metal poles or on the 3rd Hand steel rods. Or buy the Magnetic Dust Barrier Door or Magnetic Dust Barrier Door System - everything you need to create a safe doorway to the containment area. An optional 6" x 6" square Universal Foot can be used in place of the standard 3" x 3" textured rubber foot sold with the 3rd Hand for more stability and for easier positioning. A connector kit (FSC-CONNECT)is available to extend the height of the dust barrier when using the 3rd Hand. The Dust Door includes: Top and Bottom Rails, Plastic Dust Door, Carrying Case and 10 Magnetic Strips. All are imported.

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Additional Information

PRODUCT GROUP Do-It-Yourself Aids
CATEGORY Dust Barrier / Containment
SUB-CATEGORY Dust Barrier, Doors
QUANTITY Variety Kit
SKU FSC-3035