ANGLE FIX Miter Guide - QTY:1 - 8WCN2

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ANGLE FIX Miter Guide - QTY:1 - 8WCN2
SKU: JNP-0001
ANGLE FIX Miter Guide - QTY:1 - 8WCN2


Automatically Sets the Correct Miter Angle

Have you ever cut trim moulding for what you thought was a perfect 90 degree corner, only to discover a big gap at the miter? Corners are not always square, even when they should be, making it a bit tricky to set the saw angle. Even when the angle is measured correctly, there is often a bit of calculation involved to set the saw. The Angle Fix miter guide's incredibly innovative design provides an easy way to set the saw angle for perfect miters every time! Just place the two legs on either edge of outside or inside corners, transfer the Angle Fix to your miter saw, then place the saw blade against the alignment tab. The tab is automatically one-half of the angle measured, so you don't need to do any mental gymnastics to set the blade. Works with hand or power miter boxes. Angle Fix is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, and measures approximately 10-1/2" long, with a body height of 3/4" and arm width of 1-7/8". The alignment tab is 1-7/8" x 3/4" high. Made in Sweden.

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Additional Information

PRODUCT GROUP Measuring & Marking
CATEGORY Squares, Protractors, Angle Transfer
SUB-CATEGORY Angle & Contour Transfer, Protractors
SKU JNP-0001